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 What is template integration?

Template integration means - Integrating the PHP file with the HTML Template files

 We may use the same script for more than 1 domain?

If you want to install the script in multiple domains means you can get multiple licenses from us. After that you may run the same script for multiple domains.

 What is HYIP?

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program, they build up profit from contributions of conventional Internet users. For use investor's deposit, HYIPs are paid an interest from deposit, based on the investment plans.

 Can I add additional features by myself?

Yes, if you get a hyip script license with open source code means you can make changes by your wish.

 What will be my website URL?

You have to purchase the Domain name yourself to run your own website that's your website URL

 Can I test your script on my local server?

No you cannot test our script in your local server. Our script can be tested only in online.

 Do I need any devoted server to run your script?

Nope. Our script does not require any devoted server.

 Can I see a demo of the product before ordering it

Yes sure, you can see our script demo directly by submitting the details that gives in the demo page. You can see the member and admin area of our script PAM HYIP

 What is unique template?

The template is used by only one client and it cannot be applicable for more than one client. After purchasing unique template the template is marked as sold out.

 May I change the design of the product?

Absolutely yes, you can change the look or design of your website, add an animation, add banner and change the text/ sales letter with easily. You only need to edit the Html templates using your favorite Html editor. You can also translate into another language with easy way; you only need to translate the language files.